Ajax is 45 million richer without playing a single match, but birds on a Bob Marley shirt are not allowed by UEFA: “Is this a joke?”

Before the kick-off of Wednesday’s first group match against Sporting Portugal, Ajax is certain of around 45 million euros in income from the Champions League. The champion of the Netherlands will receive a starting premium of 15.64 million euros. The income from the so-called coefficient ranking and marketing pool is also estimated to be more than 25 million euros.

Ajax can use the income from the Champions League after a season with many matches in an empty Johan Cruijff ArenA. Under the current corona rules, the club from Amsterdam is allowed to admit about 36,000 spectators to the home matches in the group stage against Besiktas, Borussia Dortmund and Sporting Portugal. With so many fans in the stands, the receipts of the three home matches will amount to more than 4 million euros.

Ajax increases that income if it performs well in the Champions League. A win this season yields 2.8 million euros, a draw 930,000 euros. Participation in the eighth finals will be rewarded with 9.6 million euros. A place in the quarter-finals is good for another 10.6 million euros. The four semi-finalists will receive 12.5 million euros, the two finalists 15.5 million euros. The winner will receive 20 million euros.

Geen ‘Three Little Birds’

The Dutch champion launched a special third shirt last month, in honor of reggae singer Bob Marley. The shirt contains references to Bob Marley’s song ‘Three Little Birds’.

The team from Amsterdam wanted to unpack with the shirt in the Champions League, among other things, but nothing comes of it. UEFA prohibits wearing them.

“The European Football Association sees it as a different expression than the club logo, logo clothing sponsor or sleeve sponsor. Other expressions are not allowed,” said the club’s response to Ajax Life. “In Amsterdam people reacted completely surprised to UEFA’s decision. Are you sure you are not joking? was literally the question that was fired at the European Football Association.


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