Pieter van den Hoogenband about TeamNL medals: ‘Don’t run behind schedule’

Chef de mission Pieter van den Hoogenband is not yet making any statements about the medal harvest. He said that at a press conference on Tuesday morning. Van den Hoogenband only looks at the performance on the final day.

On day 4 he didn’t want to say anything about it. “It goes in all directions and there are still 13 days. On all those days we will win and lose together. On August 8 we will make up the total balance.”

Poor start
The Netherlands has won 3 silver medals so far. On the other hand, there were disappointing moments, breakdowns and accidents. Van den Hoogenband was light-hearted about this.

“The past few days have proven how versatile and unpredictable top sport can be. We laughed and cried and learned in a short time that there are no guarantees. In one moment, top sport is settled.” Because sport cannot be crammed into schedules. The same applies to the medal harvest, according to PvdH.

‘Maybe… yes. Maybe no’
“We are not behind schedule. Not even ahead.” He praises the mentality of TeamNL. “I see a special team that shows itself to be combative in difficult circumstances.”

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