CBF sees loopholes to veto Landim from assuming the presidency

CBF sees loopholes to veto Landim as president | I football

The justice of Rio de Janeiro annulled the General Assembly of the CBF, which changed the way of voting for the presidency of the entity, thus, also annulling the election that put Rogério Cabolco in power. The vote took place in 2018. In addition, the president of Flamengo, Rodolfo Landim, and the president of the São Paulo Football Federation, Reinaldo Carneiro, were appointed to lead the organization for a period of 30 days.

According to the decision of Judge Mario Cunha Olinto Filho, of the 2nd Civil Court of Barra da Tijuca of the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, the pair will have the role of organizing new elections for the presidency of the entity and will not be able to run for office. CBF can still appeal the decision.


According to a calculation by Goal, Rodolfo Landim does not intend to reject the nomination and welcomes participation in the process to set up the elections that will define the organisation’s next president. The representative of Flamengo will have five days to respond if he accepts to be an intervener.

The CBF statute does not allow Landim, acting president of a football club, to assume the position of command of the entity. Within the Brazilian Confederation, the situation is seen as perfectly reversible. In addition, one of the reasons for naming Landim was the fact that he was “the president of the club with an expressive crowd”.

By: Goal


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