Renato Gaúcho opens the game about reinforcements for Flamengo

Coach Renato Gaúcho opened the game about rumors of signings that could reach Flamengo. In an interview after thrashing Defensa y Justicia, from Argentina, the red-black commander denied that he had asked for reinforcements in this beginning of work.

“I haven’t asked for a player yet.” Flamengo is going through financial problems, like clubs around the world. At the end of the year, when things are better, the signings will arrive. At the moment, it’s difficult because of the finances and because the cast is strong, said.


Renato Gaúcho also pointed out where Flamengo needs to improve in the next matches. In three games, the rubro-negro club beat Defensa y Justicia on two occasions and also thrashed Bahia in a game valid for the Brazilian Championship.

— In the victories, everyone praises, likes, is happy and happy. In the case of the coach, I’m also happy, but my job is to see some mistakes and correct them. The more I correct in tactical training and in the video, the less possibilities we will give to opponents. I won’t have a perfect team, but the fewer mistakes we make, the smaller the chance of conceding a goal, stated Renato Gaucho.

Flamengo is advanced in the conversations with Thiago Mendes, midfielder for Lyon. The red-black team also probed Rafinha Alcântara, who is currently at Paris Saint-Germain. This week, however, rumors pointed out that some Grêmio players could be hired by Renato Gaúcho.

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