| English fan stumbles over TV cable, group of friends misses goal Kane: EVERYONE over the piss

England reached the final of a final tournament for the first time in 55 years on Wednesday. The team of national coach Gareth Southgate settled with Denmark after extra time. In that extra time, Harry Kane scored the only goal after an easily given penalty by Danny Makkelie. Still, a handful of English fans missed that beautiful moment.

Some friends were sitting together in someone’s backyard when the time came. Harry Kane went behind the ball to send England to the final. Of course that had to be filmed – otherwise we might never have had this great news fact. Even before Kane had shot the ball, the TV went off.

Huge panic of course, but that was due to a comrade of his own. He tripped over the TV cable and *FLOEP* the picture was gone. Everything and everyone tried to fix it, but the moment had already passed. “What the fuck!” was shouted from the backyard.

Fortunately for the English guests, the ball went in, albeit in 2 instances, and they can watch the final against Italy on Sunday. It is doubtful whether the best friend who tripped over the cables is among them! ?

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