Fla accepts proposal from Europe for half that must be leaving

Fla accepts proposal from Europe for half that must be leaving | I football

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It’s not just the players from Flamengo’s professional team that are attracting the interest of European clubs. Zorya, from Ukraine, wants to sign midfielder Yuri de Oliveira, a highlight of Flamengo’s U-20. The Ukrainian team’s interest in the young man was taken by a Brazilian representative, and Rubro-Negro agreed to do business, but the player, at least so far, has not yet decided if he wants to transfer to the European club.

The business model offered by Zorya to have Yuri de Oliveira was a 12-month loan, without financial compensation, with a purchase option established in a contract at the end of the relationship. The player would also receive a salary increase in the period in which he was transferred to the Ukrainian club. The athlete and his family assess whether he would be good at the career project.


Yuri de Oliveira is Flamengo’s youth and has been treated as a promise since he arrived at the club. His best season was in 2019, when he was 18, and he played in 34 games and scored five goals for the U20.

In 2021, for the Under-20, there were already eight games and two goals, in addition to having entered two games for the professional team. Yuri de Oliveira’s current contract with Flamengo runs until December 2022. In other words, in a year, the midfielder will be free to sign a pre-contract with another team and leave for free.

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