Lyon accepts a loan from Thiago Mendes to Fla, but with a high purchase clause; Look

Flamengo’s deletion arrived this Saturday night, in São Paulo, for the game on Sunday, at 4 pm, against Fluminense, for the Brazilian Nationals. When the delegation arrived, the youtuber Gustavo Henrique Dando Choque spoke about the possibility of hiring midfielder Thiago Mendes for Mengão.

“I got in touch with influential people in this negotiation. Two things are holding up this negotiation. The French club wants a loan clause for one year to be put in place, with the pass set at 5 million euros. Flamengo is not accepting. There is also the player salary issue. There is a chance that this will be resolved”, stated youtuber Choque.


On social networks, the player has already started to interact with Flamengo players as a way to show that they want to wear the Manto Sagrado. In fact, his wife played a game with their children on a social network, planning a job for driving in Brazil, that is, being hired by a Brazilian club.

The signing of the Lyon player is seen with good eyes, and it has even been approved by Rogério Ceni. The two worked together in São Paulo and know each other well. The steering wheel lived its best phases in Europe and undeniably would be ready to wear the Sacred Mantle. Thiago Mendes celebrated the Rio title of Fla in 2019.


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