Stewards seize rainbow flag during Czech Republic-Denmark, UEFA launch investigation

Stewards nemen regenboogvlag in beslag tijdens Tsjechië-Denemarken, UEFA start onderzoek

UEFA has launched an investigation into an incident in which a number of stewards confiscated a rainbow flag owned by a Danish supporter. The incident took place in the run-up to Saturday’s European Championship match between Denmark and the Czech Republic.

UEFA has never ordered the stewards in Baku, or any other stadium, to confiscate rainbow flags. “The first information we have is that the fan in question was heavily intoxicated and some local fans were acting aggressively towards him. The local stewards intervened and allowed the fan to remain in the stands despite his condition,” UEFA added.

“We are investigating what happened,” UEFA continued. “The rainbow flag is a symbol that represents UEFA’s core values ​​and expresses everything we believe in.”

There has been a lot to do about the rainbow colors at this European Championship. After UEFA banned rainbow lighting at the Allianz Arena in Munich for the group match against Hungary, a wave of solidarity started that made the rainbow flag indispensable in stadiums during the knockout phase of the European Championship.

After changing its own logo to rainbow colours, UEFA has nevertheless asked the main sponsors not to put up advertising banners in rainbow colors during the quarter-finals in the stadiums of Baku and St Petersburg. UEFA invokes compliance with local legislation in this regard.


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