See more than 60 players who can already sign up for pre-contract

The economic crisis hit the doors of Brazilian clubs, but no manager can complain about the lack of opportunities. Starting this Thursday, more than 60 athletes will enter the final six months of their contracts and will therefore be able to sign pre-contracts to move to other teams for free from January 1st. And the Blog has assembled four complete teams of players in these conditions.

Time 1: Diego Alves (Flemish); Rafinha (Grêmio), Felipe Melo (Palmeiras), Réver (Atlético-MG) and Filipe Luís (Flamengo); Gabriel Neves (Nacional-URU), Diego Ribas (Flemish), Nikão (Athletico-PR) and Nenê (Fluminense); Kaio Jorge (Santos) and Diego Souza (Grêmio).


Time 2: Jailson (Palm Trees); Léo Gomes (Grêmio), Felipe Santana (Chapecoense), Luiz Otávio (Ceará) and Cortez (Grêmio); Lindoso (Inter), Hernanes (São Paulo) and Rodriguinho (Bahia); Rojas (São Paulo), Germán Cano (Vasco) and Gilberto (Bahia).

Time 3: Danilo Fernandes (Inter); Victor Ferraz (Grêmio), Wellington (Athletico), Marllon (Cuiabá) and Egídio (Fluminense); William (São Paulo), Maicon (Grêmio) and Thiago Neves (Sport); Rossi (Bahia), Ignacio Ramirez (Liverpool-URU) and Guerrero (Inter)

Time 4: Marcelo Lomba (Inter); Marcinho (Athletico-PR), Gabriel Lacerda (Ceará), Rodrigo Freitas (São Paulo) and Bruno Pacheco (Ceará); Felipe (Fortaleza), Matheus Vargas (Fortaleza) and Jadson (Athletico-PR); Ademir (America), Ytalo (Red Bull Bragantino) and Abel Hernandez (Fluminense).

And there are still some athletes left who are also without a contract on December 31, several of them holders of their teams, such as:

goalkeepers: Richard (Ceará), Matheus Teixeira (Bahia), Matheus Cavichioli (America), Daniel (Inter), Marcelo Carné (Youth) and Júlio Cesar (Red Bull Bragantino)

right-backs: Gabriel Dias (Fortaleza), Igor Julião (Fluminense) and Nino Paraíba (Bahia)

left sides: Uendel (Cuiabá), Fábio Santos (Corinthians) and Edimar (Red Bull Bragantino)

Flyers: Uillian Correia (Cuiabá) and Jonas (Bahia)

Half: Danielzinho (Bahia)

Attackers: Geuvânio (Chapecoense), Osvaldo (Fortaleza), Anselmo Ramon (Chapecoense), Elton (Cuiabá)



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