SJOTCAST EC #9. “France that got a taste of their own medicine: every football fan would have liked that”

SJOTCAST EK #9. “Frankrijk dat een koekje van eigen deeg kreeg: dat zag elke voetbalfan wel graag”

Kylian Mbappé was also unable to prevent French points loss.

The EC is in full swing. And so Sjotcast EK also shifts up a gear. In this football podcast from Het Nieuwsblad, chiefs Gert Gysen and Guillaume Maebe and editor-in-chief Lars Godeau take you on a daily trip through Europe. In this episode Lars saw how a future psychologist first conquers the football world, Guillaume had a Milan Jovanovic moment and the duo saw how Spain is gradually getting into dirty papers.

Sjotcast: every day during the European Championship

In Sjotcast Guillaume Maebe, Gert Gysen and Lars Godeau tell about the life of the young journalist in the big football world. They also do that during the European Championship. Every evening the trio records an episode of half an hour, which you can listen to in the morning (or at night, for the night owls among you). On non-match days, a prominent guest always comes along. Do not miss it.

Win a Believer Package!

Sjotcast is also going on the awards tour. During the European Championship you have a chance to win a real Believer package with which you can cheer the Red Devils to a win. Answer the competition and tiebreaker question below and have a chance.

‘Sjotcast’: listen to all episodes of our football podcast here.


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