Henry helps OHL with hat trick to a big practice win against Wijgmaal

OH Leuven dreigt topschutter kwijt te spelen: Swansea heeft grof geld over voor Thomas Henry

On Friday evening, OHL won its second exhibition game of the preparation with a big 5-1 figures against the neighbors of Wijgmaal, which plays in the Tweede Nationale. Thomas Henry, who enjoys extensive interest from Swansea, just signed on and made a hat-trick in nine minutes.

Marc Brys wanted to see some youngsters at work and started with a very young team full of promises. It took a long time before the team from Leuven could force something, but five minutes before half-time it was the young Nsingi who made it 1-0. A minute later, Allemeersch doubled the score with another promise.

After the break, Brys sent nine new men into the field, and he more or less played with his strongest team. At first, the A-team didn’t make the best turn. Wijgmaal was able to put his foot wrong and Robin even made the connecting goal. After the drinking break, OHL came under steam and Henry scored three goals in nine minutes to secure the 5-1 final score.

Henry enjoys concrete interest from the English second division team Swansea, which offers just under six million euros for the French striker, but proved his value for OHL once again on Friday. Without his nose for goals, the team suddenly looks very different with the people of Leuven. At the moment Marc Brys is hoping for quick clarity about the transfers, both outgoing and incoming. OHL has still not made any incoming transfers and has a very incomplete core five weeks from the start of the competition.

OHL: Thamsatchanan (46 ‘Ravet), Bese (46’ Patris), Raemaekers (46 ‘Ngawa), Schingtienne (46’ De Norre), Ouedraogo (85 ‘Bese), Asante (46’ Maertens (76 ‘Vekemans)), Keita , Ngingi (46 ‘Mercier), Vekemans (46’ Aguemon), Tahara (46 ‘Writers), Allemeersch (46’ Henry)

Goals: 40‘ Nsingi 1-0, 41’ Allemeersch 2-0, 53’ Robin 2-1, 70’ Henry 3-1, 75’ Henry 4-1, 79’ Henry 5-1


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