2021 Brazilian Championship: Check the top scorers and statistics

Yago Pikachu? Hulk? Gilberto? Peter ? We separated the numbers of this edition of the Brazilian Championship to let you know everything!

With the ‘normalized’ calendar, the Brasileirão Serie A 2021 returns to its traditional start date, in May, after a dispute that had to be defined in February with Flamengo’s title and Internacional’s vice-championship.

Now, the clubs are back in action for another intense sequence of games, in which the goal scorers and assist specialists (also known here as ‘waiters’) will be essential for a good campaign of permanence, qualifying for the Libertadores and, of course, for the title of the 2021 edition.

After the double Luciano and Claudinho in artillery, who will swing the net more than anyone else this year? And who will surpass the Uruguayan Arrascaeta, two years in a row being the great waiter in Brazilian football?

Artillery – Brazilian Championship 2021

*Numbers updated on June 14, 2021, at 00:40 (GMT).

1Yago Pikachustrength33
=2Wesleypalm trees23
=2Wellington Paulistastrength23
=2Luke evangelistRB Bragantino23
=2ArturRB Bragantino23
=11Ze RobertoAtlético-GO12
=11YtaloRB Bragantino13
=11Matheus PeixotoYouth12
=11Jonathan CafuCuiabá11
=11HelinhoRB Bragantino12
=11Carlos EduardoAthletico-PR13
=11Rodrigo LindosoInternational13
=11Thiago NevesSport12
=11John PaulAtlético-GO12
=11Jean MotaSantos13
=11Kaio JorgeSantos13
=11NeckRB Bragantino13
=11Luan CandidoRB Bragantino13
=11Gabriel TeixeiraFluminense12
=11Fabio SantosCorinthians12
=11Luiz Adrianopalm trees12
=11Raphael Veigapalm trees13
=11Matheus BabiAthletico-PR13
=11Bruno HenriqueFlamengo12
=11Rodrigo MunizFlamengo12
=11Abel hernandezFluminense13
=11Caio PaulistaFluminense13

Goal passes – Brazilian Championship 2021

=1David TeransAthletico-PR23
=1YtaloRB Bragantino23
7Bruno henriqueFlamengo12
=7Leo ChuGuild12
=7William PatoCuiabá11
=7John PaulAtlético-GO12
=7Espirito SantoYouth13
=7Fabricio BrunoRB Bragantino12
=7Matheus HenriqueGuild12
=7RamiresRB Bragantino12
=7Pedro NaressiCeará12
=7Saulo MineiroCeará12
=7Luke evangelistRB Bragantino13
=7ArturRB Bragantino13
=7Yago FelipeFluminense13
=7Lucas Crispinstrength12
=7Luiz Henriquestrength11
=7Matheus BabiAthletico-PR13
=7Gustavo Scarpapalm trees13
=7Raul BobadillaFluminense12

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