16-year-old Anna Koulberg from Meise goes to national champion: “My goal in the long term is to play with Yellow Tigers”

16-jarige Anna Koulberg uit Meise trekt naar landskampioen: “Spelen met Yellow Tigers halen is op termijn mijn streefdoel”

Meise / Vilvoorde / Beveren / Beveren-Waas –

With good volleyball genes, as a daughter of the stars Sacha Koulberg and Anja Duyck, and with a stature of 1.88m as an extra asset, middle player Anna Koulberg (16) from Meise took the step to national champion Asterix Beveren.

Anna Koulberg hit her first balls at Wolvertem.

“When I was fourteen, I went to a boarding school in the top sports school,” she says. “A whole step and I was not at all sure I would like it…


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