Copa do Brasil 2021 LIVE: See how to watch it on TV and Online

Copa do Brasil 2021: where to watch, classifieds, games, draws and more information.

The Copa do Brasil 2021 started in March with 90 participating teams and 30 titles on the field. A month later, the second phase of the competition has already ended and the 32 classified for the tournament sequence are defined.

The dispute of the third phase, which will also have the teams of Copa Libertadores and others classified: Grêmio, Flamengo, Fluminense, Internacional, Palmeiras, Santos, São Paulo), the ninth place of the Brasileirão (Athletico-PR) and the champions of Serie B (Chapecoense), the Copa do Nordeste (Ceará) and the Copa Verde (Brasiliense).

They joined the other 20 clubs that went through the first two phases: América-MG, 4 de Julho, ABC, Remo, Bahia, Criciúma, Boavista, Avaí, Juazeirense, Vila Nova, Atlético-GO, Vitória, Corinthians, CRB, Vasco , Cianorte, Fortaleza, Bragantino, Cruzeiro and Coritiba.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

16h30 – Vila Nova x Bahia
Brazil Cup – SPORTV

19h00 Cyanort x Saints
Brazil Cup – SPORTV

9:30 pm – July 4th x São Paulo
Brazil Cup – SPORTV

21h30 Boa Vista x Vasco
Brazil Cup – SPORTV2

Third stage classifieds and clashes


America-MG x Criciúma
One way (05/20): at 7 pm at Independência (MG)
Return (27/05): at 20h Heriberto Hulse (SC)

Vila Nova x Bahia
One way (06/01): at 4:30 pm at the Onésio B. Alvarenga (GO)
Return (06/09): 19h in Pituaçu (BA)

Cyanort x Saints
One way (06/01): at 7pm at Albino Turbay (PR)
Return (06/08): at 4:30 pm at Vila Belmiro (SP)

Fluminense x Bragantino
One way (06/01): at 7pm at Maracanã (RJ)
Return (06/08): at 7pm at Nabi Abi Chedid (SP)

4th of July x São Paulo
One way (01/06): at 9:30 pm in Albertão (PI)
Return (06/08): at 7pm at Morumbi (SP)

Boavista x Vasco
One way (01/06): 9:30 pm at Elcyr Resende (RJ)
Return (06/09): at 4:30 pm in São Januário (RJ)

Guild x Brasiliense
One way (02/06): at 4:30 pm at Arena do Grêmio (RS)
Return (06/09): at 7pm at Mané Garrincha (DF)

Chapecoense x ABC
One way (02/06): at 4:30 pm at Arena Condá (SC)
Return (06/09): at 4:30 pm at Frasqueirão (RN)

Fortaleza x Ceará
One way (02/06): at 7pm at Castelão (CE)
Return (06/10): at 7pm at Castelão (CE)

Rowing x Atlético-MG
One way (02/06): at 7pm at Baenão (PA)
Return (06/10): at 7pm in Mineirão (MG)

Corinthians x Atlético-GO
One way (02/06): at 9:30 pm at Arena Corinthians (SP)
Return (06/09): at 9:30 pm Antônio Accioly (GO)

Coritiba x Flamengo
One way (06/02): at 9:30 pm at Couto Pereira (PR)
Return (06/09): at 9:30 pm at Maracanã (RJ)

Cruzeiro x Juazeiro
One way (06/03): at 4:30 pm at Mineirão (MG)
Return (06/10): at 4:30 pm at Adauto Morais (BA)

Avaí x Athletic
Outgoing (06/03): at 7pm in the Hangover (SC)
Return (06/10): at 7pm at the Arena da Baixada (PR)

Victory x International
One way (06/03): at 7pm in Barradão (BA)
Return (06/10): at 9:30 pm in Beira-Rio (RS)

CRB x Palm Trees
One way (06/03): at 9:30 pm at Rei Pelé (AL)
Return (09/06): at 7pm at Aliianz Parque (SP)

The teams that advance to the round of 16 will accumulate another R$ 2.7 million. In the third phase, there is no qualified goal. In case of a tie in the sum of the scores of the match, penalty shootout.

They dispute at home the classification for the octaves: Santos, Bahia, Palmeiras, São Paulo, Red Bull Bragantino, Ceará, Brasiliense, Criciúma, Athletico-PR, Atlético-MG, Atlético-GO, Internacional, Juazeirense-BA, ABC-RN, Flamengo and Vasco. The CBF defined the order of games and matches through a draw.

The definition of the last classified for the round of 16 takes place on June 10th.

In all, 32 teams will be in the third phase of the Copa do Brasil.

  • Atlético-MG (Libertadores)
  • International (Libertadores)
  • Flemish (Libertadores)
  • Palm Trees (Libertadors)
  • São Paulo (Libertadores)
  • Fluminense (Libertadores)
  • Guild (Liberators)
  • Saints (Liberators)
  • Chapecoense (series B champion)
  • Ceará (champion of the Northeast Cup)
  • Brasiliense (Green Cup champion)
  • Athletico (9th place in the Brasileirão)
  • Corinthians (eliminated Retro in the second phase)
  • Red Bull Bragantino (eliminated Luverdense in the second phase)
  • Coritiba (eliminated the Railway Worker in the second phase)
  • Fortaleza (eliminated Ypiranga-RS in the second phase)
  • Juazeirense (eliminated Volta Redonda in the second phase)
  • Boavista-RJ (eliminated Picos in the second phase)
  • Vitória (eliminated Rio Branco-ES in the second phase)
  • Bahia (eliminated Manaus in the second phase)
  • Vasco (eliminated Tombense in the second phase)
  • Criciúma (eliminated Ponte Preta in the second phase)
  • Vila Nova (eliminated Juventude in the second phase)
  • CRB (eliminated Paysandu in the second phase)
  • Cianorte (eliminated Santa Cruz in the second phase)
  • Rowing (eliminated the CSA in the second phase)
  • América-MG (eliminated the Railroad in the second phase)
  • Cruzeiro (eliminated Natal’s America in the second phase)
  • ABC (eliminated Botafogo in the second phase)

Brazil Cup Calendar

  • Third phase: 20/05 a 10/06
  • Round of 16: 28/07 a 05/08
  • Quarterfinals: 25/08 a 02/09
  • Semifinals: 08/09 a 15/09
  • Final: 20/10 e 27/10

What is the format for the Copa do Brasil 2021?

It can be said that the Copa do Brasil is divided into two stages: in the first, the 80 teams that obtained their places in the competition based on the results of the state championships or the CBF coefficient start the tournament, separated into eight pots (classified by the Ranking of CBF clubs) of ten teams each.

Each federation has allocated a number of seats according to its position in the National Ranking of Federations, totaling 70 classified, with another ten being determined by the CBF Club Ranking (click here for ranking on conference website). The pots were drawn in a predetermined way (A x E, B x F, C x G, D x H), with 40 matches in the first phase.

in the duels of first phase, in a single game, the best ranked teams play as a visitor, but have the advantage of a draw (if the match ends in a draw, they qualify). Thus, 40 classified advance to the next stage.

On second level there is no advantage of a draw, but the 20 clashes are still played in a single game: in case the match ends like this, the winner goes on penalties. The matches of this phase follow the switching of the previous phase.

So, 20 teams qualify for the third phase and join 12 other teams, including the eight classified for the Libertadores da América, the ninth-placed Brasileirão and the champions of Série B, Copa do Nordeste and Copa Verde.

From then on, the matches are played in round-trip matches, with no advantage for the away goal – with penalty shootouts in the case of a tie on the aggregate scoreboard -, until the grand final.

Brazil Cup 2021 Awards

The CBF revealed the awards for the 2021 Brazil Cup, which will start this Tuesday (9). There are differences in values ​​for clubs in the first and second phase. The teams were divided into three groups, each with its own value, in the two initial phases. From the third phase onwards, the values ​​are the same for all participants. The champion can earn up to R$73.6 million, adding up all phases. See how much is worth going through the phase and how the CBF defined the groups for the values.

Where to watch the Copa do Brasil 2021?

The Copa do Brasil 2021 is broadcast exclusively by TV Globo, which will broadcast some duels on open TV, many others on closed TV, on SportTV, and still others on pay-per-view, on Premiere and will also broadcast games over the internet via Ge.

CBF and MyCujoo sign partnership to broadcast the 2021 Cup of Brazil

CBF and MyCujoo signed an agreement to broadcast the Copa do Brasil 2021. The contract included the transmission of the duels in an unprecedented way through the streaming platform. The matches will be available free of charge on the official website of the CBF and on

Closing the first phase of the competition this week, the partnership will guarantee the exhibition of 20 matches, between the 17th and 18th of March.

MyCujoo will broadcast the duels that Grupo Globo, holder of the rights to the entire competition on Open and Closed TV, chose not to broadcast on its platforms.

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