UEFA president: “I see the final four in the Champions League from 2024 onwards”

UEFA-voorzitter: “Ik zie Final Four in de Champions League vanaf 2024 wel zitten”

Foto: picture alliance / dpa

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin in an interview with the French sports newspaper L’Equipe on Saturday showed himself to be in favor of an annual Final Four in the Champions League from 2024. From that season, the new set-up will start with 36 instead of 32 teams. Last year, because of the corona pandemic, experiments were conducted for the first time with a final tournament of the champion ball in one place.

“Personally I would like to,” said Ceferin. “It would be great. And it can also be financially efficient if it is properly arranged. There are pros and cons. But there is no rush in making this decision. We still have one year left. ”

Last year, UEFA organized a Final 8 of the Champions League in Lisbon. After a spectacular final round of two weeks, Bayern Munich won 1-0 in the final against PSG.

Ceferin also came back to the whole Super League fuss. “For the entire football family, the attitude of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus is shocking and unacceptable,” the Slovenian said harshly. The three top clubs have still not given up on their new project. The other nine participating clubs, including six English clubs, have meanwhile opted for reconciliation with UEFA.

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