Ostend has no child with Limburg United and is close to the final play-offs

In its hunt for a tenth national title in a row, an incomplete Ostend effortlessly distanced itself from a brave Limburg United.

In the initial quarter, Desiron (14 points at 75%) and Mukubu (7 points at 50%) surprised the defending champions among the two of them: 7-15 and 18-21. Schwartz tinkered with the Ostend youth at 23-27 a 12-0 answer together. After that, Limburg United continued to take blows. An Ostend bomb festival (five crystal clear pieces, three of which from Mwema) colored the five opening minutes of the third act. At 66-37, the very last doubts about the sea disappeared. A nice twenties, for the fourteenth time this season! The second semifinal of this series will follow on Friday in Hasselt.

OSTEND: (28/51 of which 11/26 three-pointers, 17/24 free throws, 21 fouls) SCHWARTZ 4-5, MWEMA 7-9, BUYSSCHAERT 4-3, DJORDJEVIC 0-2, GILLET 3-3, Van der Vuurst 8- 0, Gilmore 8-2, Bratanovic 0-0, Nakic 13-4, Sylla 2-0, Waleson 0-7.

LIMBURG UNITED: (18/50 including 6/24 three-pointers, 13/16 free throws, 24 fouls) MELSON 3-2, MUKUBU 12-0, DESIRON 16-4, KNAPKE 0-2, HAMMONDS 0-0, Mitchell 4-2 , Marnegrave 0-0, Depuydt 0-0, Dedroog 0-5, Checkers 0-3, Lesuisse 0-2, Leemans 0-0.

18-21, 31-14, 22-10, 13-10.


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