Antwerp Giants and Bergen to play-off semi-finals

Antwerp Giants en Bergen naar halve finale van play-offs

After Ostend, Antwerp Giants and Bergen have also qualified for the semi-finals of the play-offs of the EuroMillions League without any problems. Limburg United won in the Alverberg against Okapi Aalst and brought the standings in the quarterfinals to 1-1.

One series of the quarterfinals will bring a decisive belle in this best of three on Sunday (3 pm, directly at Sporza) and in the Forum of Aalst. The winner of Okapi Aalst-Limburg United will take on Ostend in the semi-finals from next Wednesday. Via MVP Vladimir Mihailvoic, among others, Okapi Aalst had a 39-44 bonus on the scoreboard halfway through. Among other things, a strong Wen Mukubu did not let go. The ex-Belgian Lion led the way for the Limburgers with 25 points (including 5 out of 6 bombs), 8 rebounds and 2 assists. After a 63-58 score after three quarters it went and after an exciting final quarter to an 86-81 victory for Limburg United.
Antwerp Giants was the boss of the game in Leuven from the start. Vrenz Bleijenbergh (3 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists) took 16-20 with Dave Dudzinski. Niels Van Den Eynde was also sharp and together with Phil Cofer and Vincent Kesteloot it went to a 31-41 Antwerp bonus halfway through. In the second half there was no reaction from a weak Leuven Bears, without Malcolm Bernard (eye) and still Thibault Vanderhaegen (buttock). The Sinjoren did not need more to take further distance via Niels Van Den Eynde, Sterling Gibbs and Dennis Donkor, who came out with a four-pointer: 40-52 and 46-66. In the final slide, Leuven Bears was no more than a toy for the Giants that, after a collective performance and with eleven players who scored, could cheer with marked numbers: 62-92. Antwerp Giants thus with a sweep to the semi-finals.
Bergen put things in order in the second half and qualified for the semi-finals with a 2-0 and at the expense of Kangaroos Mechelen. Kangaroos Mechelen nevertheless played a great first half. Via Domien Loubry, Terry Deroover and Jito Kok it went after a 23-18 score to a 37-36 bonus halfway through. Also in the third slide the Maneblussers stayed in the footsteps of the Henegouwers via Trevror Thompson: 60-62. Kangaroos Mechelen, however, cracked the lock slide and took a 10-23 intermediate sprint. Jabril Durham, Arik Smith, Auston Barnes and Skylar Spencer ensured a signed Walloon victory against a stalled Mechelen team: 70-85.

EuroMillions League
Play-offs- kwartfinales(best of three)
Already played

Ostend-Charleroi 86-74
Bergen-Kangaroos Mechelen 84-60
Antwerp Giants-Leuven Bears 82-63
Okapi Aalst-Limburg United 77-68
Charleroi-Ostend 51-85 (0-2)
Kangaroos Mechelen-Bergen 70-85 (0-2)
20.30 Leuven Bears-Antwerp Giants 62-92 (0-2)
20.30 Limburg United-Okapi Aalst 86-81 (1-1)

15.00 Okapi Aalst-Limburg United

Halve finales (best of three):
Ostend vs. Okapi Aalst / Limburg United: 26, 28 and possibly 30 May
Bergen-Antwerp Giants: 27, 29 and possibly 31 May

Finale (best of five)
3, 5, 7 and possibly June 7 and 9


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