‘Serdar Gözöbüyük can forget top poster after spicy statements about KNVB’

Serdar Gözöbüyük was seen on the fields less often this season than in previous years. According to the referee, this had a reason. According to Gözöbüyük, he had too much of a mouth towards the KNVB. He said so in an interview with it Algemeen Dagblad. The referee’s statements now seem to be fatal, Hugo Borst revealed.

The analyst was a guest on Wednesday evening ESPN to talk about the play-off games and there he remarked that Gözöbüyük would actually whistle the final. According to Borst, this will not continue. “All referees knew that he (Gözöbüyük, ed.) Would whistle the final”, said Borst. “He was taken off there. His linesmen are reportedly doing that match. He is actually being punished for being brutal.”

Gözöbüyük angry
The referee disagreed with some decisions from above. “I have my reservations about this season. UEFA has given me plenty of matches, 3 matches in the Champions League even. But in the Netherlands I only have 17 matches in the Eredivisie. That is not enough, isn’t it? That’s not a top sport situation for me. “said Gözöbüyük.

“In Zeist there is too much a culture of fair distribution. It still has to do something and it still has to do something. I just didn’t whistle enough. And that is how more referees think about their situation”, the referee said in the interview. “I have also indicated all this internally, it is no secret in Zeist. Van Egmond has held this position for eleven years, I have the feeling that a different approach would be better. And I am sure that not only I think that way. ”

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