Ranking of Brazil’s top scorers in 2021: See list

Check out who are the top goalscorers of this 2021 season in Brazilian football, including state, regional and even continental tournaments!

The dispute for Brazil’s general artillery in the 2021 annual calendar, which includes matches for the 2020 season due to issues involving the Covid-19 pandemic and also the 2021 campaign, has already begun. And the fight for the top scorer from January to December 2021 is in full swing.

Names like Diego Souza (Grêmio), Brazil’s top scorer last season, Gabigol and Pedro (Flamengo), Thiago Galhardo (Internacional), Germán Cano (Vasco), Luciano (São Paulo) and Marinho (Santos) shone in the last year. However, there is always a chance for surprises.

the ranking includes the four series of the Brazilian Championship, the Brazilian Cup, state and regional championships, such as the Northeast Cup, in addition to continental tournaments, such as the Libertadores Cup and the South American Cup. In last year’s calendar, from January to December, the winner was Caio Dantas, with 24 goals from three different clubs. To check the artillery considering only the 2021 season (which excludes the games played in 2021 for the 2020 season) c

See how is the ranking of 2021! Updated on May 17, at 7:11 pm (Brasília time).

#10 Manoel | Altos-PI | 12 goals

  • Piauiense Championship: 10 goals
  • Northeast Cup: 1 goal
  • Brasileirão Serie D 2020: 1 goal

#9 Guilherme Dellatorre | CSA | 12 goals

The striker, who came to replace the top scorer Paulo Sérgio, has been doing the job and was the best scorer in the Northeast Cup until the elimination of the CSA in the quarterfinals.

  • Brazil Cup 2021: 2 goals
  • Northeast Cup 2021: 6 goals
  • Alagoas Championship 2021: 4 goals

#8 Claudinho | Red Bull Bragantino | 12 goals

The striker was one of the protagonists of Brazil in the final stretch of the 2020 season and one of the main responsible for the classification of Massa Bruta for the 2021 South American Cup. This year, he is already emerging as one of the main scorers in the country.

  • Brasileirão Serie A 2020: 8 goals
  • Paulistão 2021: 3 goals
  • Brazil Cup 2021: 1 goal

#7 Adilson Bahia | Railway-CE | 12 goals

After standing out in the Copa Paulista title in 2020 by the Portuguese, Adilson Bahia arrived at Ferroviário-CE, where he became the main offensive weapon of the Ceará team.

  • Fares Lopes Cup: 4 goals
  • Cearense Championship: 7 goals
  • Brazil’s Cup: 1 goal

#6 Alef Manga | Volta Redonda | 12 goals

The striker is the highlight of Volta Redonda in the Campeonato Carioca, he joined the folklore of Brazilian football and has been probed by clubs like Botafogo and Vasco da Gama.

  • Brazil’s Cup: 3 goals
  • Carioca Championship: 9 goals

#5 Zé Love | Brasiliense | 14 goals

After traveling Brazil and the world, Zé Eduardo found himself in Brasiliense and has a good average of goals per game in the Distrito Federal team.

  • Green Cup 2021: 3 goals
  • Brasiliense Championship 2021: 11 goals

#4 Pedro Perotti | Chapecoense | 15 goals

Hired for the Serie B dispute in 2020, Perotti established himself in Chape’s attack and today he is an important part of the team.

  • Brasileirão Serie B: 2 goals
  • Santa Catarina Championship: 13 goals

#3 Diego Souza | Guild | 19 goals

The top scorer of the 2020 season started this year in the same way: scoring a lot of goals.

  • Brasileirão Serie A: 6 goals
  • Libertadores: 4 goals
  • Gaucho Championship: 7 goals
  • South American Cup: 2 goals

#2 Gabigol | Flamengo | 19 goals

Flamengo’s shirt 9 is still in great shape and promises to fight to the end for the top scorer in Brazil in 2021.

  • Carioca Championship: 5 goals
  • Brasileirão Serie A: 7 goals
  • Brazil Super Cup: 1 goal
  • Liberators: 6 goals

#1 Ciel | Caucaia, Salgueiro and Sampaio Corrêa | 23 goals

After starting 2021 as the greatest scorer in Brazil, Ciel moved to Salgueiro, from Pernambuco, where he scored two goals in his debut in the Copa do Nordeste and scored a great midfield goal. Now, he was hired by Sampaio Corrêa.


  • Fares Lopes Cup: 10 goals
  • Cearense Championship: 8 goals


  • Pernambucano Championship: 1 goal
  • Northeast Cup: 3 goals


  • Maranhense Championship: 1 goal
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