KV Oostende goalkeeper Guillaume Hubert gets rid of it with a suspended sentence after a red card against AA Gent

KV Oostende-doelman Guillaume Hubert komt ervan af met voorwaardelijke straf na rode kaart tegen AA Gent

The public prosecutor’s office of the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) on Monday demanded a conditional matchday suspension and an effective fine of 500 euros as an amicable settlement against KVO goalkeeper Guillaume Hubert after his red card against AA Gent.

In the first half of the home game against Ghent, Hubert took red, after he had mowed down Roman Bezus with a wild intervention just outside the penalty area. “The tackle was carried out with a certain intensity, but without any intention to hit the opponent,” said the Public Prosecutor.

There was some discussion, but the attorney also defends the red card. “Although Bezus cannot walk straight to the goal, it is about denying a scoring opportunity because there was no goalkeeper in the goal to defend it and there is only one defender back at the penalty spot at the time of the offense. . In addition, there was also the possibility to play the ball to a followed teammate ”, it sounds.

Frank De Bleeckere also expressed his support for the referee’s decision to redeem Hubert in the weekly video of the referee department.

Against KV Mechelen this weekend, KVO can in principle count on goalkeeper Hubert again, as only a conditional suspension was demanded. The fine is effective.



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