Kompany is “hard at work”, but still finds time to congratulate ex-Manchester City team with title

Kompany is “hard aan het werk”, maar vindt wel nog tijd om ex-ploeg Manchester City te feliciteren met titel

Vincent Kompany has a busy schedule. Anderlecht drew on the field of Genk on Wednesday and will already be visited by the Limburgers tomorrow. The Anderlecht coach puts a lot of time in preparing for the matches, but he has still found time to congratulate his ex-Manchester City team for the fifth title.

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Kompany congratulates his old teammates via Twitter with a video. For City it is the first title without ‘Vince The Prince’. With Ruben Dias, City has finally found a worthy successor for the Belgian. The video clearly shows that Kompany is happy with City’s fifth title. He hopes that the players and the fans can still experience something magical. The Citizens play the Champions League final against Chelsea in Porto on 29 May.

You can watch the video below.


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