? | Kickboxing legend thinks there will be deaths if something does not change quickly: ‘ridiculous and dangerous’

Ernesto Hoost, kickboxing legend and former multiple K-1 champion, thinks the use of MMA gloves in kickboxing is a bad idea. The 55-year-old top kickboxer thinks there could even be deaths if organizations decide to continue to use this type of glove.

The kickboxing legend was asked in the Ronny & Clyde Podcast about the use of the MMA gloves by kickboxers: “Ridiculous and dangerous. There will certainly be deaths if this continues,” says Hoost. Martial arts organization ONE Championship, among others, lets kickboxers with this kind of light gloves fight.
Fingers in eyes

In sports there is a lot of discussion going on about the use of the gloves. Especially about the fact that the fingers are not covered. There are countless cases in which fighters got a finger in the eye and suffered serious injuries as a result.

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