Bergen loses in-house for the second consecutive time, Telenet Giants Antwerp is already shivering well

Bergen verliest voor tweede opeenvolgende keer in eigen huis, Antwerp Giants doet al bibberend goede zaak


Antwerp Giants did a great job in the EuroMillions League. The Sinjoren won, trembling, the regional clash of Kangaroos Mechelen, and Bergen fell in their own midst for the second time in a row. The battle for second place is immediately open again.

Kangaroos Mechelen missed against Antwerp Giants Terry Deroover, Mo Kherrazi and Vic Van Oosterwyck and only lost 75-73 figures. The Sinjoren acted weakly, but secured the narrow victory in money-time via star Dave Dudzinksi (26 points, 7 rebounds) and Vrenz Bleijenbergh (8 points, 10 assists, 5 rebounds). Bleijenbergh dropped the winning bomb for the Sinjoren.

Leuven Bears, with another strong Ryan Kriener (20 points, 9 rebounds), won 63-69 at Bergen. For the Henegouwers the second consecutive defeat in their own middle. Antwerp Giants can immediately dream of second place with 13 out of 20. After all, Bergen has only two more victories. With a fourth consecutive victory (89-63) versus Liege, Limburg United is back in business for the top 4 with 10 out of 19.

On Sunday there will be a new match day in the EuroMillions League. Okapi Aalstar will receive in the Forum Limburg United, Leuven Bears in the Sportoase Antwerp Giants and Kangaroos Mechelen in the Winketkaai Spirou Charleroi.


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