Two people from Genk took care of Junya Ito (and taught him how to eat pancakes): “He couldn’t speak a word of English, not even yes or no ”

Twee Genkenaars ontfermden zich over Junya Ito (en leerden hem pannenkoeken eten): “Hij kon geen woord Engels, zelfs geen yes of no”

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He is 28 years old, but no Junya Ito he did not know how to work with the heating, how to eat a pancake or what exercise to do during training. Not that the Japanese winger is stupid, but he only spoke Japanese and underwent a real culture shock. Genkers Jordi Caruso and Maxim Geurden took care of him from the early days and are the key to his success to this day.

Junya Ito first settled in Genk at the beginning of 2019, his first encounter with Europe. On the field, he effortlessly consumed the step from one continent to another. Japanese, too …


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