Juventus chairman on the Super League: ‘a blood pact has been concluded, we will continue’

Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli still believes the Super League can be a great success, despite the six English football clubs having withdrawn from the project. “There is a ‘blood pact’ between the clubs, we will continue. This project still has a 100 percent chance of success, ”said the boss of the top club from Turin in the newspaper The Republic.

Juventus is one of the 12 clubs that want to establish the Super League out of dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in, among other things, the Champions League. Agnelli emphasized in the interview that the new league is absolutely no threat to the national leagues.

“We want to continue to participate, there is great willingness to do so,” said the Italian, who was heavily criticized by the European union. UEFA threatened to expel the clubs that wanted to form the Super League from the European and national competitions. “Abuse of power and completely illegal. That threat is very much like a dictatorial regime. ”

Other setup?
The remaining 6 clubs – in addition to Juventus, are Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​AC Milan and Internazionale – want to think about a different set-up for the Super League. “Always in mind, striving to provide our fans with the best possible experience, while at the same time improving solidarity contributions throughout football,” said a joint statement.

Agnelli hopes UEFA is ready to negotiate. “The governing bodies FIFA and UEFA have made a lot of money thanks to our players, but they did not help us in times of crisis. They have to choose: whether they are regulators or they are commercial promoters. ”

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