Delfine Persoon dethrones Dirk Van Tichelt and Matthias Casse in The Container Cup

Delfine Persoon proved in De Container Cup on Wednesday evening that she is not worn out yet, despite her 36 years. With a time of 10 minutes and 40 seconds, the top boxer improved the women’s record of the first season by almost one and a half minutes. No records for volleyball player Hendrik Tuerlinckx, who was barely twelve seconds below the time of Delfine Persoon.

“The monkey bars scare me. I still have problems with my neck hernia and that is why I don’t know if I will be able to hold on. ” That’s what boxer Delfine Persoon said just before she entered the container. To then set the record of the first season – for the women and men – on the monkey bars. Last year, judokas Dirk Van Tichelt and Matthias Casse each reached 105 monkey bars. But the multiple world boxing champion did four monkey bars better and can call herself the new record holder (see video above). “A sign that I am going in the right direction with my neck hernia,” said Persoon with an understatement.

And Persoon also did more than excellent on the other tests. Four hundred meters runner Hanne Claes won the first season with the women with a time of 12: 06.19, Delfine Persoon smashed that record with a time of 10: 40.36. Thanks to the monkey bars, but also thanks to a good running and rowing time. In the shooting, Persoon had hoped for a five out of five, but she missed her first two attempts. Three out of five was still more than decent, but not for the perfectionist boxer. “Frustrating, that shooting game. How am I going to explain this to colleagues as a shooting monitor at the police? They are going to laugh at me. ”

But what should Hendrik Tuerlinckx say then? The volleyball player was struggling with his rifle, hitting only one target. Rowing and cycling were also difficult for the figurehead of volleyball club Roeselare. “Man, I hate cardio training. We never do it with volleyball and I am bad at it ”, Tuerlinckx grumbled in the container.

Fortunately, Tuerlinckx turned out to be a good 1,500 meter runner (4: 55.79) and golfer (115 meters) and with 103 monkey bars he almost came close to the record of Delfine Persoon. So he was still stranded at a not unkind end time of 10: 28.87. Good for a provisional third place in the men.

There was also a record in The Container Cup for U23 – which can be watched every day at 8:40 PM at Play Sports Open – on Wednesday evening. Jente Hauttekeete, world record holder heptathlon among the juniors, hit five times. He thus equals the maximum performance of Dirk Van Tichelt and Stoffel Vandoorne.

Top three men

1 Jarni Amorgaste 9: 38.86

2 Jasper Philipsen 10: 16.15

3 Hendrik Tuerlinckx 10:28.87

Top three women

1 Delfine Persoon 10: 40.36

2 Julie German 13: 02.60

Following candidates:

Viktor Verhulst

Francesco Planckaert

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