Anderlecht inquires at Antwerp about transfer-free Dieumerci Mbokani and Lior Refaelov

Anderlecht informeert bij Antwerp naar transfervrije Dieumerci Mbokani en Lior Refaelov

Anderlecht are back on the Play-off 1 course after a 1-4 victory. It trumped Antwerp, but still thinks of two old men of ‘The Great Old’. After all, the Purple & White inquired about Dieumerci Mbokani (35) and Lior Refaelov (34). The interest is not yet concrete, but the inhabitants of Brussels have already investigated what the expiring contracts of the duo entail.

Lior Refaelov and Dieumerci Mbokani had a frustrating evening against Anderlecht yesterday. The first barely appeared as an attacker in the defensive game of Antwerp, the second was only allowed to come in. Annoying for two prolific players.

Will Anderlecht provide redemption in the future? The season is still underway, but it is not prohibited to approach players whose contracts expire in June. That is why Anderlecht was able to approach Refaelov and Mbokani recently, even though they were still playing against The Great Old. After all, the Purple & White, which has limited financial resources, is scanning the market. The interest in the pair is not yet concrete, but the people of Brussels wanted to check whether there are no clauses in their contracts and whether they are effectively transfer-free this summer. Based on that information, they can then decide whether to work on these files.

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Replacement for Nmecha

The attacking duo is indeed end of contract. Antwerp is looking at whether it can extend the commitment of both strongholds, but this is certainly dragging on with the current Golden Shoe. Refaelov wants to sign for two years, but the question is whether Luciano D’Onofrio wants to go that far. A similar discussion is raging at Mbokani.

Anderlecht may benefit from that situation. There is a real chance that top scorer Lukas Nmecha will lose next season. It is rented from Man City and may be unsustainable. Sporting director Peter Verbeke is of the view that you are with kids wins no titles and wants to add some craft to the core. Dieumerci Mbokani already had two passages with the Purple & White and already won three titles. The main question is whether Anderlecht can / will pay Dieu his high wages. That was already tested in the past and then formed a stumbling block. Moreover, Mbokani had for the first time a year in which some injuries surfaced. Still, the Congolese has so far been good for eight goals and four assists in 27 matches.

Club past Refaelov

Refaelov’s wage demands will also be no less. At the age of 34, the Israeli has one of his best seasons ever. He not only won the Golden Shoe, but also scored fourteen goals and nine assists at Antwerp. He would mean a creative injection at Anderlecht. A transition would be sensitive because Refaelov used to make good weather at Club Brugge.

Since these were only informative conversations, a transition is not for tomorrow. Nevertheless, Anderlecht is already looking to the future.


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