Three-time Grand Slam winner Andy Murray surprises: “I’d love to be a golf caddy”

Drievoudig Grand Slam-winnaar Andy Murray verrast: “Ik zou dolgraag golfcaddie worden”

Andy Murray wants to work after his tennis retirement as a caddy in the golf circuit or as a football coach.

Murray failed to attend the Miami Open last week due to a groin injury. The 33-year-old Scot has since dropped to 116th place on the ATP ranking after prolonged injuries and several hip operations.

The three-time Grand Slam winner did not reveal when he will throw in the towel. It is true that he would like to explore other sports once he says goodbye to tennis.

“I really like golf. It would be a great experience to become a caddy and get in close contact with top golfers, ”he told Gentleman’s Journal. “I see mental interfaces between tennis and golf and it can certainly be interesting to assist golfers in this.”

The Scot, who as a child declined an offer from Glasgow Rangers to join their youth academy, further added that a coaching role is also one of his interests. “Obtaining your diplomas as a coach in football should without a doubt be worthwhile.”

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