Roger Federer is going to promote tourism in Switzerland

Roger Federer gaat toerisme in Zwitserland promoten

Roger Federer starts a partnership with the Swiss government to attract more tourists to his country. The 39-year-old tennis legend becomes an ambassador for Switzerland Tourism.

“He has positively promoted Switzerland for years with his sporting achievements and his friendly, down-to-earth manner,” the organization said Monday.

“I’ve always had the feeling that I represent Switzerland when I’m on the tennis court. Wherever you see my name, it has a Swiss flag next to it. The first 22 years of touring I did it with a lot of pride, and always will be. To join forces with ZT now is a logical step for me ”, adds Federer.

The twenty-time grand slam champion will present his favorite places in Switzerland in promotional videos, among other things. The compensation for his performances for ZT is intended for Federer’s foundation that helps underprivileged children.


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