? | Are you still in the Premier League of Darts despite corona? THIS IS HOW YOU COME IN PICTURE

As long as the corona crisis is still in its grip on the world, no supporters are welcome at any event at the Premier League of Darts. It goes without saying that no exceptions will be made for this year’s Premier League. That is why the PDC has come up with something funny about it. The association asks all worldwide dart fans – including you! – for help.

The association wants to boost the ambiance a bit at all Premier League evenings and has devised a so-called fan wall. On this wall short clips are shown that the fans send in from home. In other words: everyone submit your video en masse to the PDC! There are, however, a few rules.

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What has to happen?
How and which rules? The video can last up to 10 seconds. Don’t swear or smoke. Deliberate advertising is also wasted effort. Send your video here. Before you do that, please check if you have kept your phone CROSSED, or in landscape mode. Do you understand? Otherwise all the effort makes no sense. Be creative, Bea!

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