Gabigol’s lawyer calls Globo “opportunistic and sensationalist”

This last Sunday (21), the legal sector of the athlete Gabigol, from Flamengo, filed a preliminary injunction in order to prevent Rede Globo from presenting the fourth episode of the series “Predestinado”, which narrates moments of the attacker’s career. In this episode, the action reveals that the documentary will show the episode in which Gabriel Barbosa was caught in a clandestine casino in the south of São Paulo and was detained by the civil police to provide clarification.

However, the action was denied and the episode airs, as published on the website “Mundo Rubro-Negro”, and confirmed by Esporte News Mundo.


The site was able to access the documents of the petition made by the attacker’s team of lawyers as a matter of urgency to block the showing of the episode, which will go on Sunday (21). One of the legal arguments says that “it is known that currently media opportunism and sensationalism is on the rise” and states that Rede Globo would be biased when showing the images.

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“Indeed, it is known that currently media opportunism and sensationalisms are on the rise, and there is no doubt that if this“ biased ”episode comes out, it will tarnish an entire trajectory, in addition to deflecting the entire purpose of the documentary series. “Predestined” as initially agreed “, says part of the process.

Another pretext used by the athlete’s team of lawyers is that the series “Predestinado” was combined to be a narration about the facts of the professional career of the red-black striker with initial analysis of the approval of the player, his staff and family. In addition, he also mentions that “under no circumstances” would any material be inquired that would tarnish the athlete’s image and life story.

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“Therefore, the Claimant, on June 16, 2020, signed with the defendant a contract for the use of audiovisual material, for the purposes of creating, developing and exhibiting a documentary series that would narrate the life trajectory of the professional athlete “Gabigol” football game, assuring the athlete, his family and team, that all content would be subject to prior analysis and approval, as well as that under no circumstances would any matter be dealt with that would tarnish the image and life history of the athlete ‘Gabigol’ ”, says another topic of the action.


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