Diederik Gommers acknowledges wrong corona approach: ‘Should have stimulated sports’

For us as sports enthusiasts, it has been a pretty frustrating year. Due to all the corona rules, we were not allowed to go to the (football) stadiums, the gyms were more often closed than open and it was often not possible to kick a ball ourselves. Nevertheless, IC doctor and OMT member Diederik Gommers states that he and the government have made mistakes in the corona approach.

He acknowledged this in the BNR podcast Ask Gommers. “Maybe I should have shouted louder, but actually we should have stimulated sports and going outside more: that should have been the first measure in the relaxation and that the cabinet should also have radiated”, said Gommers. “Actually, it is always good to exercise, lose some weight, pay close attention to your diet and sleep well.”

According to Gommers, the emphasis was too much on the 1.5 meter rule. “You mainly had to stay indoors, but you have to walk, go outside and ensure that you have taken sufficient steps; everyone does that in their own way. I would have preferred that younger and older people had continued to exercise outside for longer. the weather is now a bit nicer and that is also a bit more attractive. “

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