Ex-UFC’er Paige VanZant shares two-part giveaway: ‘Who wants to win my worn bikini?’

It is nothing new that athletes do not earn their name, fame, fame and duku solely through their profession. Athletes have been used for commercial purposes since the mid-20th century. In 2021, social media, and the internet at all, is the revenue model for anyone who wants to sell themselves in any way. The latter is perfect for martial artist Paige VanZant. That also includes very neat competitions!

The former UFC fighter now demolishes her opponents in bare knuckle boxing, but according to VechtsportInfo takes more money with her career next to the cage, ring, mat or whatever. The blonde has millions of followers not only on social media.

Be key, no?
Like other celebrities and athletes do it, VanZant is also busy with its online business. Because of her looks and influences it provides its (paying) followers with exclusive material. To put that in the online window, VanZant used a handy stunt to rake in even more fans.

She decided to share a giveaway on Instagram. Not just any 1! Fans, followers, interested parties have the opportunity to win a bikini worn by the lady herself (yes, really). Go to her IG to see and read exactly what you need to do (become a member on her website). Rest assured: The bikini is signed!

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