Palmeiras wanted to postpone the Super Cup final, but CBF does not consider accepting

On April 11, Flamengo and Palmeiras will compete in the final of the Super Cup of Brazil, which will be held again at Mané Garrincha.

It was reported in the last few days that Palmeiras would ask CBF to postpone the decision. Because the team went on vacation days after Flamengo and with that they would not have time to train the team for the important match.


However, the journalist from “UOL ”, Marcel Rizzo, brought the news that CBF does not intend to change the date of the decision, at least for now the match is maintained for Mané Garrincha, on the next 11th of April.

Previously, it was informed that Rei Pelé (Maceió), Arena das Dunas (Natal) and Arena Pantanal (Cuiabá) could also host the game. However, due to the necessary displacement to the locals, in the midst of taking care of the current crisis, the entity must choose the country’s capital to receive the confrontation.

In addition, it was announced that CBF is considering creating a “network” of stadiums to host the next matches of the Copa do Brasil. This is because the entity does not plan to stop the competition, something that was done with the Paulista Championship. As such, Minas Gerais and Distrito Federal can host the matches, while Rio de Janeiro has an uncertain position on the matter.

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