Watch Grêmio vs Ayacucho: Live Football, Schedule, Lineups – Copa Libertadores

Learn how to watch the match Grêmio x Ayacucho this Wednesday (10), at 21:30 (from Brasília), the teams duel for Liberators cup. The match will be played at the Arena do Grêmio, in Rio Grande do Sul

Where to Watch Grêmio x Ayacucho on TV and on the Internet:

Know where to watch Grêmio x Ayacucho Live. The match will be broadcast SBT on open TV and no Pay-per-view from Conmebol


No I footballed, you can follow the best moments and goals of the games by clicking here.

Datasheet: Grêmio x Ayacucho:

Competition: Pre Copa Libertadores
Data: March 10, 2021.
Time: 21:30 (Brasília).
Arena do Grêmio, RS, Brazil.
Main Referee: Augusto Aragon (EQU)
Where to watch: SBT and Pay-per-view from Conmebol.

Probable Grêmio squad: Vanderlei; Vanderson, Paulo Miranda, Kannemann and Diogo Barbosa; Maicon, Matheus Henrique, Alisson, Pinares and Ferreira; Diego Souza.

Probable Ayacucho escalation: Italo Espinoza; Aldair Salazar, Carlos Beltrán, Minzum Quina and Jesús Mendieta; Guillermo Firpo, Leandro Sosa and Pablo Lavandeira; Robert Ardiles, Carlos Olascuaga and Othiel Arce.

Transmission of Grêmio x Ayacucho:


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