Meyers Leonard suspended from Miami Heat after anti-Semitic statement

Meyers Leonard op non-actief gezet bij Miami Heat na antisemitische uitlating

Meyers Leonard has been banned from the team by the Miami Heat after an anti-Semitic statement on his live stream. Leonard played the video game Call Of Duty and in his frustration left the floor ?“You f*cking kike b*tch” fall. Kike is an offensive term for Jews. The player himself apologized, claiming that he did not know the meaning of the word.

Meyers Leonard has already publicly apologized to the Jewish community and says himself that there was no intention at all to hurt anyone. His team has also spoken out about the player’s verdict and has indicated that it will cooperate in any investigations that the NBA will conduct. “The NBA is against any form of hate speech,” said spokesman Mike Bass. “We are collecting a lot of information about the incident.”

It is not the first time that Leonard has been seen in bad light. In the play-offs last year, many players got down on one knee when America’s national anthem was played. This was in protest against the brutality of the police in America. Leonard decided to stay upright with his hand to his heart, and that went wrong for many.

Leonard has been struggling with an injury recently and played little. The chance that his career at Heat will be over is not inconceivable.


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