Nicola: Rafinha asks R $ 1 million a month to return to Flamengo

JORGE NICOLA: The enormous optimism of the Flamengo football department regarding Rafinha’s return gave rise to apprehension. And the negotiation also stopped due to an old split in Gávea: on the one hand, Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel, on the other, Bap’s group.

There has been a settlement for the salary with the right-back for several days. However, there is a lack of agreement regarding the gloves, a prize for signing the contract. The complete package ordered by Rafinha reaches R $ 1 million per month.


The red-black leaders who stay in Gávea consider this value absurd and understand that Rafinha’s return is not even necessary, with the presence of Isla and Matheuzinho. Braz and company already understand that their return would be fundamental, not least because Isla will be absent many times because of the Chilean team.

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The tendency is that, with Rafinha, Fla adopts the same rigor of the dealings with Diego Alves. It is worth remembering that the renovation of the goalkeeper was threatened, but Diego gave in and ended up staying for another season.


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