Ann Wauters strives for more women in key positions within the sports world: “I would argue for quotas”

Ann Wauters ijvert voor meer vrouwen in sleutelposities binnen de sportwereld: “Ik zou voor quota’s pleiten”

On the website of Team Belgium, they let some icons from the sports world have their say about the contribution of women. And who better to give her opinion on this than Belgian Cats icon Ann Wauters?

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The now 40-year-old Wauters indicates that she could continue to grow in her sport without many problems and that women may be mentally stronger than men.

“I’ve already seen incredibly tough female athletes who were so mentally strong,” she says. “I have the feeling that we sometimes have to prove ourselves a bit more in sport and that we have learned to perhaps compensate for the physical difference that exists between male colleagues by being mentally stronger. Whether we receive the same amount of recognition? That depends very much on which sport, which athlete. If I had the same career in the men’s basketball, I would have gotten a lot more attention. ”

Especially in the context of sports, there is still work to be done, according to the Belgian Cat. “More women need to be in key positions within the sports world. The diversity and the different view of the world is certainly an added value. In politics and the business world this is beginning to penetrate, nowadays the sports world. How? I would promote quotas in policy functions. We all want the right person in the right place, but I see this as a transition phase where in the first place women need to be activated to take up such positions, but also a change of mentality among the current board members is needed. ”


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