Football across Brazil may be suspended

The Public Ministry will recommend to CBF the suspension of all football matches in Brazil. The letter must be signed jointly by the chairmen of the state commissions dealing with stadium security.

The president of the National Commission, Attorney Valberto Lira, from Paraíba, advanced the content of the document to ‘ge’.


– The National Commission decided to issue a technical note recommending to CBF the suspension of any and all competition organized by it, in view of the situation that Brazil is currently experiencing, with the growing number of deceased and contaminated people.

– All colleagues on the committee understand that if this recommendation is not followed, actions will be filed in all states. We live in a situation that worries everyone and these displacements of teams from one state to another will bring more possibility of contagion – explained the president of the National Commission for Combating and Preventing Violence at the Public Prosecution Stadiums.

Earlier, Valberto Lira had already taken a stand against holding football matches in Paraíba. In a letter to be sent to CBF, he recommended that the match between Treze x Altos, for the Copa do Nordeste, scheduled for Saturday, be canceled. The same goes for the game Campinense x Bahia, next Tuesday, for the Copa do Brasil.

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– Football is not an essential activity. The essential activities are listed in the decree of the state government. We are telling CBF that these games cannot be played. We are also recommending the Military Police to prevent these games in the state of Paraíba – said Valberto, who is also chairman of the Commission for Combating and Preventing Violence in the Stadiums of Paraíba.

The debate about the stoppage in Brazilian football gained a large proportion after the appeal of the coach Lisca, from América-MG, before the match against Athletic, for the Mineiro Championship. The coach remembered the technicians who died victims of Covid-19 (Marcelo Veiga and Ruy Scarpino), in addition to other colleagues who had to be hospitalized.

– I appeal to CBF to take a break from this Brazil Cup. So we can postpone these games a little bit, right? We will only play on the 18th, maybe until then. But, there are games already next Wednesday. And I’m sure my colleagues are also concerned. I am a family man, I have two daughters and a wife. I want to live, people – proclaimed Lisca.

On the other hand, two state companies have already suspended the championships – cases from Ceará and Santa Catarina. CBF, for its part, has yet to make an official statement. The Governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana, told the ‘ge’ that he believes in the suspension of the Copa do Brasil and Nordeste by the CBF.

According to the Brazilian football calendar, the months from February to May are dedicated to the state teams, in addition to the Copa do Brasil and Copa do Nordeste. In addition, there is also the start of international competitions (Libertadores and South American) and the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. The Brazilian Championship is expected to start in June.

By: Globo Esporte


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