Understand why Record did not broadcast Flamengo’s game to all of Brazil

Even having doubled its audience last Tuesday (02), Record went through problems in the transmission of the match between Flamengo and Nova Iguaçu. According to what was published by the TV Pop, the broadcaster had to charge the regional squares, from other states, to show the duel. The situation left the crowd perplexed, since the competitors, SBT and Globo, do not go through this situation.

Some of its affiliates even announced the game on television and on their social networks, however, when they were surprised by the broadcaster, they gave up broadcasting the game. Among the dropouts are: Tropical TV (Rio Grande do Norte), TV Cidade (Maranhão) and TV Sucesso (Goiás).


One of them had to calm the red-black fans, who instead of confrontation, came across the soap opera Top. In total, only 26 members of the chain decided to pay the amount requested by Record Rio.

Still, the broadcaster reached an average of 14.2 points at Ibope, with peaks of 16 points in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Last week, with Genesis, Top e Special Record Cinema, it registered 6.5 average points in this time band. The transmission of the match, in this way, represents an increase of 118.5%.

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In this context, Flamengo is already preparing for its next appointment. The match against Macaé will take place this Saturday (6th), at 18h (Brasília time). This next game will not be broadcast by Record and can only be watched by streaming platforms.


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