Arsène Wenger wants to ban headlines on training for young people: “Important to take the right measures”

Arsène Wenger wil koppen op training verbieden voor jongeren: “Belangrijk om de juiste maatregelen te nemen”

Arsène Wenger, former Arsenal coach and now FIFA director of football development, shed light on the danger of headlines in young people and adults in an interview with Le Parisien. Especially during training, according to the French, it is important to take measures.

Wenger has learned from his years as a trainer. “I was a coach myself for years, and I think I also caused damage to my players during training with various exercises. Even more than in competitions. It is important to take the correct measures. We must phase out header exercises as much as possible, and even ban it for young people. We have to be very, very vigilant about the consequences of head injuries. There is an urgent need to think about clear rules with regard to the header game during training sessions. ”


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