Penalty: basketball star Laura Henket scores 50 points without a three-pointer

Straf: basketbalster Laura Henket scoort 50 punten zonder driepunter

What a remarkable figure Laura Henket recorded in the thriller Kangaroos Mechelen-Liège Panthers. After all, the 22-year-old and 1m85 tall Walloon scored 50 points (19 on 27 shots, 12 on 15 free throws) and this without a three-pointer.

By the way, the Liège team won after two extensions and with 102-106 against Kangaroes Mechelen and is doing well towards the top-4 and the play-offs. Henket, who used to be in the pre-selection of the Belgian Cats, will stop with basketball on the highest scaffold after this season. She is a physiotherapist and will settle with her boyfriend in Luxembourg. Basketting at a lower level is the only ambition for the time being after the expansion of her work. The challenge this season with Liège Panthers, the team of coach Pierre Cornia (assistant coach Belgian Cats), is qualification for the play-offs. That would be a goodbye in beauty for Laura Henket, from Pepinster.

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